About me, Erica

Hi. I’m Erica. I’m a mom, writer, relationship therapist, triathlete and former sleepaholic that fell off the wagon when baby Hudson was born. I’m now a blogger and here’s why…

We all have stories and they are worth telling. I’ve written some light stuff and some not-so-light stuff. My work’s been featured on HuffPost, Scary Mommy, The Elephant Journal, The Mighty, Thought Catalog, The Mommies Network and Mamalode (if you haven’t heard of these, check them out — they’re solid publications on mental health, spirituality and the journey of mommyhood).

But, I wanted to create a space just for me where I could go deeper and share more about my past, present and the future that I intend to build no matter how much blood, sweat or tears it takes.

I hope that by sharing my personal stories of love, loss and life will in the least, make you feel not alone, and at most, inspire you to make the changes in your life that you fear most… those hard, crazy changes that I was so good at steering people through, but realized I struggled with. So I’ve finally decided it’s time to practice what I preach… Here goes.

I hope you’ll hang with me.